Stop the Fake News

The evolution of the technology and communications, are an important tool to reach the all the world with good (or not) information. But, the challenge for anybody is, what thing we can trust. How not to be a victim of Fake News?

I'm coming with news

Hello anybody, My last post was made about 5 months ago, and so many things have changed, the first is, I stated the master's degree on May (2021), yes, I’m at university again 💚 In my postgraduate, I started to work in a new area, the plant anatomy, I confess that it’s very, very hard to me… but this challenge I’m hugging with all my strength. The laboratory where I’m working, at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, we’re holding regular meeting to talk about news, papers and courses 😁, and I go present (I think) a course about vector and design at the Inkscape. And nobody knows, because I don't talked (and a little of people see this blog), but I’m writing a guidebook to my course, and – for me -, it's coming so cute and beautiful 🥰 A little part of a Orchidaceae root presented on my guide book. I’m so hopeful to present this course, I love to teaching some else… and that’s an opportunity 💻 - COVID-19 A good news, at June I receive the first dose of

A post to myself

Time to reflection.   The adventure of the life, not is a DreamWorks movie or a Hogwarts vocational test, but a cruel drama movie 6D. And here I'm desperate what go be my life in the new lines of the script who is coming. Last year, the pandemic starts, I was graduated yeahhhh… and start the life like a biologist unemployed, with a country broked, ungovernable, the science unrespected and no spectative to a future. Yeahh. Five years of graduation, total dedication and a little of social life, and here I’m… desperate. What I make of my life? I have the answer... don't give up!!! You're brave!!! *** Thanks anybody, this post is a shout of myself... to transpose my desire and feeling to myself and see the ways what I can walk. Rachel Platten - Fight Song

The Science and the Community

If you like to watch TV, read newspaper and browse news websites, can own the sensation who I have any moment... the refuse to the science and research. And for me who live on Brazil, this actual govern and elevation of the negationism is, how can I talk, cruel. But we need to search the "light at the end of the tunnel", work to bring the knowledge to the population ... but not like we work on actuality, with hard words, unaccess or access difficulties. We need to show the real objective of the research, the science and university, and bring the community to our reality, enable the population to take part and value science as it should be, always. In the past, many scientists were harassed, killed -  mostly women (called by Wizards), and in the other way, the better discoveries was made at these situations.    With the boom of information, by the internet, we need to work to don't return at the blindness age, working to search the global peace, health, food and th

2020 the year to search the virtual methods to learn English without money

Hi online friends,  This year was the most complicated to anybody, it's true, but was a Year the develop methods to recycle ourself. At 2000 (+-), the world receive an amazing site to learn english (Livemocha), but it was destroyed by the bureaucracy and ($$) money required. And that's the end of our dream to learn another language for free? Nops! With the technology evolution, comes the news softwares (and APPs). And today, I go show you two mobile APP to lead english or other language for free!!!

My bilingue Instagram (En and Pt)

Hi everybody, do you know my Instagram? On 2020 October, I had start to post in English and Portuguese, to facility from my international friends (like you) to understand my posts. To see more, just access , and don't forget to follow me \o/   More about my shots and post, just follow this blog, the blog and Facebook Page and profile . Thank you so much.

The week of fungi and Plants

Hi everyone, this week will be an important moment to learn more about the ecology plants and fungi. Mushroom bottom, in garden lawn. Fungi interactions In the near past, we saw an important discovery... the communication by the plants, with fungi interactions. This research, was produced by the ecologist Dra. Suzanne Simard . This's a recent discovery, and it came to transform our knowledge about wildlife and nature interactions. The KEW Symposium And that week, we go watch to an online Symposium, developed by the Kew Gardens. The event go occur between 13 – 15 October 2020, with discuss actions for protecting and sustainably using the world’s plant and fungal biodiversity for the benefit of people and the planet. For more information, access:[...]and-fungi-symposium Myco APP On my degree, my botanist professor was a Fungi and Lichens specialist (Dr. Jasper José Zanco). He has presented us some softwares and mobile APP to work w