Stop the Fake News

The evolution of the technology and communications, are an important tool to reach the all the world with good (or not) information. But, the challenge for anybody is, what thing we can trust. How not to be a victim of Fake News?

- First of all, check the information!
Big news agencies check the all data before publishing, but… these websites and newspaper are made by humans, and error is normal in the human nature. Check in more than one place!
- Sensationalism
Mirabolante videos or shots, robots or Google translator voice, little and disconnections information… anything to receive your like or shared. Open your eyes and CHECK anything!
- About
Have an About Page? See it to check who is the technical responsible. Is (she or he) trusted? Have social media? Does the date match the images and content?
What is more important? You have the power of critical sense! You can stop a fake news. 

Thanks to the carelessness of many, today we see an environment with people fighting against vaccines, making up flat earth stories, and conspiracy theories (which with a simple check, fall apart).

Video: Oxplore - Does fake news matter?

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